Add a Pet Addendum To Rental Contracts

Sample language only. I am not a lawyer and encourage the use of a lawyer when executing any contract. Please make sure you check with current city and state laws prior to obtaining renter signatures.

Pet Addendum to Lease/Rental Agreement


The following is part of the Lease/Rental Agreement dated:







Concerning Address (The Property):



Tenant(s) has reviewed the “wear and tear” clause and is aware of costs associated with repairing/replacing damaged that are outside the landlord’s defined list of what is considered “normal wear and tear”.


Tenant(s) are aware of the requirement for additional renter insurance covering pet damage and will deliver evidence of insurance upon delivery of keys. Failure to comply with stated requirement will result in termination of contact.


Tenant(s) has read the move-out cleaning list and has considered the extra effort and costs associated with cleaning and repairing the property to pre-rental condition due to owning pets.


Tenant(s) may keep the following pet(s) at the Property:

Tenant(s) will request in writing the permission to obtain any additional pets, including emotional support animals. The Landlord(s) have ____ days to make a determination regarding request.


  1. Type: Breed:

Weight:                                   Color:

Pet’s Name:



  1. Type: Breed:

Weight:                                   Color:

Pet’s Name:


In addition to the security deposit in the Lease/Rental Agreement, Tenant(s) shall pay a

Refundable Pet Deposit______   Non-Refundable Pet Deposit of $________. If refundable, the deposit will be retained/refunded in accordance to Security Deposit in the Lease/Rental Agreement.


If the Property is an apartment or condo, or if the city or county has leash requirements, the Renter(s) agree to abide by all rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in the following:




The pet(s) shall be kept, maintained, and licensed in accordance with the regulations of the Humane Society and the Health Department.


Tenant(s) shall pay for any and all damage done by the pets to the Property.


Tenant(s) shall indemnify and hold Landlord harmless from any and all claims which may be made against the Landlord resulting from Landlord permitting the Tenant(s) to keep the pet(s) on the Property.


Tenant(s) shall promptly clean any and all messes made by the pet(s) in or around the Property.


If Tenant(s) fail to comply with the terms in this Pet Agreement, Landlord may require the pet(s) to be removed from the Property.




Tenant Initials                                                   Date




Landlord Initials                                              Date