What to Expect After You Hire MFI

The Nitty Gritty:

If you used our online form to receive a quote for services, we will do our best to reach you within 24 hours of your request. We will give you the option for an ala carte estimate or an all-inclusive bid. If you decide to hire our crew in bulk hours, please send a list of your top tier items that you want us to focus on first. We will communicate with you prior to, during and after cleaning commences. 

Please be prepared to give us the address, square footage, number of floors, and details of what you want to be completed.

If you are requesting a deep clean, please let us know ahead of time if you want the exterior windows cleaned, light fixtures or hard-to-reach cabinet/wall trim dusted so we can bring the right equipment. Due to the risk of damage/injury, we will not take apart light fixtures.

If your counters, cupboards, or floors require the use of a specialized cleaner, please consult with us to make sure we have it in advance. If we do not, you will need to supply it or agree to a safe alternative.

After we have all the details, we will send you a rough estimate. Unless you have requested a walk-through, we are arriving sight unsee. Your estimate for time and materials may increase based on the amount of work or materials required to meet your objective.

Most cleaning quotes are for up to four hours at a base rate. At the end of four hours, you can decide if you would like additional work. Due to the risk of injury, our crew will not work more than six hours at a stretch. Deep cleaning, move-out cleaning/move-in cleaning and post-construction cleaning takes twice as long to complete. This is typically due to the lack of upkeep and the amount of soil/debris. It is very common for our team of two to take up to eight hours to truly deep clean a home larger than 2500 feet. Homes larger than 3000 square feet will take more than one trip or more resources.

If you have a “honey do” list and would like it completed at the same time as a general or deep cleaning service, please let us know well in advance so we can make sure we have the resources available. We completely understand the importance of a clean and efficient home and will do our best to treat your home like we treat our own homes. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions page regarding all the legal stuff.

We ask that if you remain in the home that you allow our staff room to work. Please don’t hover and micro-manage our crew. We do our best to go above and beyond expectations and ask for some basic kindness and respect in return. 

Post Cleaning:

Unless agreed upon, our crew will leave when the job is finished. You will receive a final invoice for the amount plus any extra agreed-upon charges. Please make your payment using our site, our invoice portal, cash, cashier’s check, or Zelle. Please make your payment within five days of receipt.