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Job: Move-out Cleaning with/Touch up Painting and General Repairs

Ms. Fix It was hired to get this 2800 square foot townhouse renter ready. The home had been lived in for six years by a family of four and hadn’t performed any deep cleanings while occupying the home resulting in a lot of build-up of grime, grease, and grunge. Knowing that the owner had a budget, the MFI team communicated their work plan with the homeowner at the end of each four-hour block of time. Over five days, the team deep cleaned and sanitized all surfaces (floors, doors, door frames, counters, drawers, cupboards, appliances, stairwell railings), steamed and scrubbed each tile and its surrounding grout in the kitchen and bathrooms, removed and replaced all stained caulking in bathrooms and kitchen, removed more than 200 stickers from the walls and doors, performed a tremendous amount of wall repair and touch-up painting, and spot cleaned the siding in the front of the home. In addition to cleaning, the MFI team applied granite cleaner, sealer, and gloss to the entire kitchen counter, repaired broken railings, and repainted all the millwork. 

Job: Quick Move-Out Cleaning

The MFI team received a request for a quick general “move-out” cleaning. The renters cleaned the bathrooms and realized they were short on time and energy to finish their move-out cleaning. MFI jumped in with a day’s notice to finish the job and do a few “extras”.  Our team dusted all the millwork, inserts, and ceiling fans. Armed with ladders, our team cleaned the floor-to-ceiling interior windows and back door to a crystal clear finish. The kitchen received a deep cleaning of all the appliances and cupboards. Lastly, the hardwood floors were cleaned and buffed to a brilliant shine. 


Job-Real Estate Consultation

We received a client call asking if we would be able to walk through a rental home with the homeowner. Due to our background in real estate, real estate investing, property management, property rental, handyman work, landscape, and cleaning we were confident that we could help our client decide if they should re-rent the home or sell it. There are times when our team members honestly advise a client what areas of the home warrant deep cleaning and repairs and what areas of the home can either be dismissed as “wear and tear” (renter advice) or should be replaced due to damage (landlord advice). Our reputation of being transparent is becoming well known and respected throughout the community. 

Job: General Handyman

Back door seal, placement and securing of doggy door, hang mirror. Make sure when you select a dog door that you are choosing one that offers the ability to securely lock it to the existing frame to help with peace of mind with home security. We highly recommend installing indoor/outdoor motion lights and cameras nearby and out of reach of potential intruders. 

Job: Replace Bathtub Faucet (copper piping)

Replacing bathroom faucets can be a breeze or a nightmare if your home is 40 or more years old. Copper pipes are highly difficult to fit with universal faucets and typically require an adapter. Make sure if you apply a good waterproof sealant to prevent water leaks when replacing faucets.


Job: Repair Yard From Pet Damage

Dogs can destroy a yard in record time. Urine marks kill the grass and contaminate the soil. In order for new grass to grow, the entire affected area must be removed and new soil introduced before new seeds or sod can be planted. The best time of year to replace grass is April-May, before the summer heat and after the ground recovers from winter. 


Job: Removal of Entire Front Yard

The client needed the entire front lawn removed in order to lay down new sod. An industrial rototiller was used to move the old grass, weeds, and moss. 

Job: General Landscaping


Job: General Landscaping

Job: Repair Dishwasher Not Draining

MFI cleaned, maintenanced and tested the dishwasher’s solenoid and pump. 

Job: Removal and Replacement Swim Spa Hydrolic Cover

The MFI team was called in on a chilly winter day to remove and replace a client’s swim spa cover. The job was slightly more cumbersome than anticipated due to the old hardware being rusted and stripped. If you own an attached hot tub cover, make sure you check the hardware’s condition on an annual basis. 

Job: Move-Out Cleaning, Landscape, and Repairs From Major Renter Damage

In under one year, a client’s rental was severely damaged and neglected. The renters left the home without any cleaning or repair work and attempted to demand back their cleaning deposit. The MFI team spent 80 hours repairing the interior of the home, garage framework, exterior siding, fence, and landscape. The team provided a full checklist, along with photos and videos to aid the homeowner with their legal dispute regarding the “wear and tear” of the home and the condition of the home at move-in vs. move-out. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the landlord and were pleased with his kind words of praise. 


Job: Stain HOA Fencing/Landscape of HOA

We offer HOA/community service contracts. Ask us about our discount for HOAs or multiple home services. 

Job: Portable AC Repair

The summer of 2020 brought unexpected heat waves. We helped several clients with their AC setup or repair. Don’t wait until you really need your AC to test to see if it works. And, make sure you perform manufacturer-recommended maintenance before tucking it away for the winter. 

Job: Move-Out Cleaninging Home with Mold Issues

To test for mold and mildew and how to tell if your house has mold, simply dab a few drops of household bleach on the blackened area. If it lightens after one to two minutes, you have mildew. If the area remains dark, you probably have dirt. Black mold grows slowly, only assuming its distinctive black coloring when it has become fully established. It gives whatever surface it grows on the appearance of being dirty, so it’s often mistaken for dust or mud. Unlike some molds, such as Aspergillus, it isn’t fuzzy, and it doesn’t grow in geometrical patterns. It is recommended that you stay somewhere clear of mold spores until all black mold has been removed from your home. This is because black mold is toxic and can cause immediate health issues and result in long-term consequences. If you are experiencing mold exposure symptoms and suspect areas of your home may have mold, contact a licensed professional for an inspection. 

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Job: Repair of Gate, Fence, and Driveway

The MFI team met with a delightful client to discuss her options regarding a fence repair vs. replacement and addressing the numerous large cracks in her driveway. 


Job: Preparation of yard for above ground 15' pool

MFI worked with an adorable family to help them prepare their side yard for an above-ground pool. Even their cat helped. 

Job: Replacement of patio sunroof.

MFI worked alongside the homeowners to replace their Sunturf covers so they would spend the remaining summer evenings enjoying their back patio. The couple was a delight to work and we enjoyed hearing the back-story about who built the original patio.


Job: HOA Clean Up and Landscaping

The entire team at MFI prides itself on community involvement. This is why when we heard of an HOA struggling with clean-up, we volunteered our services, despite the downpour. Does your neighborhood need help with its annual project? Give us a call and we will do what we can to lend a hand.